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Greetings, sir Grey. As you may know, many of the things that we are used to facing today are rapidly becoming less of threats as time passes on. I'm sure you have also noticed. The Orkoids, the Necrons, the Tyranids, The Craftworld Eldar, the forces of Chaos, Etcetera. I would like to believe that this is the cause of Tyro’s Knights of Honor, and the legions of Space Marines defending our alliance’s galaxy, but the Arrival of the Pursuer that calls himself the “Justice Enforcer” along with other recent events have made it abundantly clear that that is clearly not the case. But I didn’t write this letter to tell you things that you already knew. This is my report on the rifts.

   Knowing that I am highly intrigued by rifts in the space time continuum, you assigned me to investigate new rifts forming that are not connected to the Chaos and Warp. My notes and discoveries have heavily supported theories that I have been developing for years. This information has brought me to newly found revelations that art beyond amazing to me, but very hard to believe. After passing one of the rifts, I found space and stars much like our own. I realize that this isn’t earth shattering, but there was something about these stars were different. After going through my numbers multiple times, I’ve discovered that the form of space I traveled to carried the same constellations, but they existed in different locations. After exploring these “Dimensions” if you will, I have come to the conclusion that through these rifts, multiple copies of our reality exist. Aside from the different cosmic locations, and rift expiration periods, these “Dimensions” are identical in nearly every way. Feeling greatly underwhelmed, I choose to take a risk in passing through the uncharted rifts (Portals). My findings there became more fruitful.

One rifts that I passed through held the same form of space. However, this reality was quite extraordinary. The reality held one central galaxy that has been inhabited by thousands of star systems with about nearly three hundred planets that could support potential life, totaling up to over seventy diverse intelligent species! No galaxy that I have studied during my service has ever come close to that! This galaxy is not completely without danger though. Being a galaxy that spans over one hundred thousand light years, resources are precious across all of the currently existing trade routes. Depending on how many resources are available could lead frequent wars to break out. Many of these wars are caused by who is in control of these resources, to religious views, to fighting over revolutionary technology. After studying the galaxy further, I have come to the conclusion that this galaxy is indeed in fact the home of the “Allied Confederacy” that attacked us several months ago. This crime syndicate has not been able to successfully trace me here, but if the Alliance/Imperium wishes to confront this “Troy Marshall” that attacked us, I Would highly recommend that they accompany themselves with a group of Tyro’s knights, or bring a full chapter of Space Marines. That galaxy is currently in a civil war. Who knows what could transpire.

   One other reality that I traveled to had something that would normally be perceived as impossible. Once traveling there, it’s version of space that contained an even mix of gases that many organic things can breath. Testing if this was really was the case, I exposed myself to the vacuum for several nanoseconds. After noticing no difference in the air of my ship, I fully exposed. I am very glad to tell you that I didn’t freeze to death. After much exploring, I discovered that one of the main galaxies held a planet that goes by the name of “Fulcrum”. This planet is separated by several diverse continents. Fulcrum is now currently entering a state of unfortunate events. Many of these continents have dictatorship organizations within them. In hopes of ending this, the governments that stand for freedom successfully created a resistance against this “Bowser”, “Ganondorf”, and their associates. Unfortunately for them, this dictatorship is planning a full scale invasion to take the rest of “their” planet. If you ever travel to this world, I highly recommend offering the resistance help.

   I would also like to note something else. When I was exploring these realities, I was apparently not the only one with that same idea. Before passing through one of the rifts, A spacecraft passed through it first. It was a military ship of some sort. After meeting the friendly crew members on the bridge, the military that consisted of humans, creatures that called themselves “Mobians”, and several other races that I have not yet seen that referred to themselves as the United Nation Space Command. They were a very patriotic folk. After coming across parallel versions of their allies, they wished to travel through a rift with a prepared ship’s worth of soldiers as a way to make a much larger defense, rather than a small group of soldiers. If you ever come across their ship “The Truncate”, I would highly recommend any form of negotiation.

As of this current moment, this is the extension of my research. I am not a very militaristic scientist, but if my predictions are correct, then I will be willing to join the Alliance in studying these rifts if I am required to do so. If I must work alongside the Imperium, I must tell you that I cannot trust them with my work. Tyro and his knights care for the protection of the innocent. The Imperium does not. I will be awaiting your response. You know where to find me.


Conrad Ormond  

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout “The Unity”. Any material that didn’t originate from any fictional media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Done! It's a little short, but I still hope you like it! <3
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January 22, 2016