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Chapter 7

Location: Impervious Mettle

Human Time: 1200 hours/ 12:00 am

Writer: The Examiner

   Greetings to whomever is reading. My name is Vlado, and you may or may not have heard of me. Have you ever suffered from amnesia? I came across that problem once before. I believe it came from the first time I went through a black hole. I think since that going through the black hole was such an amazing spectacle, my brain stopped functioning trying to understand. Though it probably could have been too much radiation exposure. It turns out that it’s really just a tunnel that takes you to another one the dimensions in the linked Multiverse. I wish I remembered what happened so that Christopher could stop whining about it. If he were still alive that is. I’ve recently gained a lot of my memory back, and that was the first thing that came to mind.

Not much has occurred during my studies in the multiverse. Everything that exists within it has everything explained about it, or has a biography on it. Maybe I could give Nova and his family a visit. Maybe I could get a vacation. I do own a planet with a small army to defend it after all. I think after my vacation I will provide intelligence and assistance to the UGF, UFN, HCA, USA, UMN, LOE, CR, SWORD, Crusaders, or other corporations that I am in league with. Maybe it’ll be fun.

   I would like to spend this document by shedding more light on a familiar Pursuer. Malachi the Justice Enforcer. I remember the Pursuer accepting the Blade of Honor from the Travelers. He humbly accepted the weapon, and he agreed to meet their leader Tyro along with Exigent Retrench.

   The Justice Enforcer stood aboard the bridge of Impervious Mettle, staring at the strands of hyperspace passing by the ship. Retrench stood on his right, while the Traveler general stood on his left.  “How long will this process take?” the Pursuer asked sounding like a child waiting for a shot. “It should take less than a day to arrive to our leader.” the Traveler answered sounding optimistic. “I do not look forward to this society to becoming a forceful dictatorship.” Retrench partially said to himself. “Oh, no!” the Traveler said. “Those were the ways of our once accursed adversaries. We go by a more democratic creed.” Exigent Retrench looked toward the Traveler in relief. “Good.” “We try to avoid it, but our Human friends know it all too well.” “I look forward to meeting them.” says the Pursuer.

   After several moments of awkward star gazing, the Traveler seemed to come to a revelation. “Oh!” he realizes. “What is it?” Retrench asks. “I just realized, we should contact Grand Master Tyro. That way he’ll know that we’ll be arriving soon.” “Well, what are you waiting for?” asked the enforcer. “Patch him through.” “I will do so immediately.” answers the Traveler. The Traveler lifted his hand held transmitter, imputed a code onto it, and waited for a response. As Evincing destiny and the Traveler fleet followed Impervious Mettle in hyperspace, the Commander was surprised to receive a response.

   “This is Grand Master Tyro of the Hammer of Judgment to Evincing Destiney,” The Justice Enforcer’s head slightly turned left. I haven’t heard that name in quite some time. The Pursuer thought to himself. “do you read me?”  “I read you, Grand Master.” The general/officer was hesitant, but continued. “I apologize, but we explored one of the rifts.” There was an uncomfortable few moments of silence. “I told you that going through a rift could jeopardize your entire crew!” said Tyro with worry in his voice. “I apologize for disobeying orders, but we received good out of this.” “How exactly?” Tyro asked. “We found a living and breathing Pursuer!” the officer answered. More silence. Then it was broken. “Where is this Pursuer?” asked Tyro. The massive Pursuer warrior answered  that question. “I am right here.”  “Who is this?” “I am the Justice Enforcer onboard Impervious Mettle, and you are Tyro of the Travelers. Your family began on the planet Labyrinth, and you wield the Blade of Crucifixion.” Another vacant silence overtook the Mettle’s bridge. “How do you know of my home?” the noble Traveler asked. “My race created your home.” “What do you mean?” The Enforcer choose to explain. “Labyrinth was an artificial planet created by us. Any new information collected on Pursuer devices broadcasts to Pursuer ships. The blade that you wield is quite powerful. I trust that it is in the correct hands.” “Thank you Enforcer,” says the Traveler. “hearing that from a Pursuer means much. I look forward to meeting in person.” “Where shall we meet?” the Enforcer asks. “The process of passing through a rift should take mere minutes. We will be prepared to meet you aboard the Indubitable Augury. You should receive the coordinates in several moments. reaching us may take several days.” “Very well.” The Enforcer says. “We will see you there.”

------Days later--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Impervious Mettle and the Traveler fleet flew through space at an incredible speed. They were like shooting stars. One fraction of a second they were there, the next they were not. When the Pursuer warrior meditated in his quarters, he felt his mind feel various intriguing presences spread scattered in the now broken and fractured multiverse. He felt such things like artificial forms of intelligence that may soon achieve sentience. He felt powerful beings feeling overtaken by dictatorship like orders. He felt brave souls overcome things that would be deemed far superior to them. Many were in hiding, while others were not. He also sensed something else. Something that made the Enforcer shake his head in disappointment. Many of these supremely admirable souls are being pit against each other by manipulators that surround them all. He even could feel a bi product of a life force of the Pursuer Determination Force.  You see, the Architects of my galaxy wanted to find ways to quickly develop their civilizations. They eventually came across something that the Pursuers used called Determination Force. If the power is accessed, both life and death could be tapped into as energy sources that can perform impossible tasks.
   The Pursuer warrior quietly muttered to himself. “I’m sure that this reality will be very surprised when it becomes reintroduced to the past.” He took this time to allow his mind to access the arts of combat he learned in his hibernation throughout countless centuries. He also took this time to remember the Enforcer decree, taught to him when he was a small child.

   Peace can be achieved, but there will always be conflict. Conflict forges war. War forges death. Death forges grief. Grief forges anger. Anger forges conflict. The Enforcer will form courage during the stage of grief. Courage forges honor. Honor forges hope. Hope forges determination. Determination forges peace. Peace forges courage. The Enforcers will always maintain courage. No matter how great the conflict, or how steep the grief.

This philosophy will exist as long as time itself. The Pursuer thought to himself. Just then, he heard metallic foot steps. He looked up to see Retrench with his aura lighting up his eyes and other parts of his body. It always intrigued me on how Retrench’s body consisted of hovering metal pieces. “We’re here.” Retrench says.

   Both the Pursuer and Retrench walked to the bridge of Impervious Mettle along with the Traveler commander. What they saw outside the bridge windows was something that Exigent Retrench couldn’t help but find intriguing. Impervious Mettle was in the presence of Indubitable Augury, but it wasn’t what they had expected. Indubitable Augury was massive. Even the Pursuer warrior was surprised. Indubitable Augury had the appearance of a massive oval shaped dome with large cities containing tall skyscrapers inside of the thick shielded dome, with four massive thrusters with bright blue fire spraying out. It's size was comparable to the size of a small moon, making it far larger than Impervious Mettle. As the Pursuer ship entered the hangar, a door opened revealing Tyro the Grand Master, with the Blade of Crucifixion on his back. “Ah.” Says Tyro as he walks toward the trio. “Welcome to the very core of the United Space Alliance!” As all four walked out of Impervious Mettle, Retrench analyses the Interior of Indubitable Augury. “I must say that the design of this vessel is rather impressive.” “Thank you.”  Tyro says gleefully. “The Roundtable Council has been looking forward to meeting the two of you. The Enforcer was slightly surprised. “I thought that everything has forgotten about us.” “Oh no.” responds Tyro. “You saved all of existence. We would love to at least give our condolences.” “Very well.” says the Pursuer. “Let us meet this council. It’s been some time since I came across politics.” “Right this way gentlemen.” says Tyro motioning toward the direction to go.

   The group eventually boarded an escort hovercraft to take them to the Augury capitol building. As they passed flying chariots, they parked onto a dock at the top of the building. When the group of four entered a room filled with different races, and a wide round table in the center. Retrench saw two beings shaking hands, hearing one say “I look forward to future trades.” Soon everyone in the room began to look at the group in great awe. However, the Enforcer didn’t seem like he wanted to be there, and there was a good reason for it. They lacked faith in them, and in their government. Though through all that, he sensed admiration within some beings in the council chamber. However, he did sense much courage within some of the Knights of Honor in that same room. In fact, those same people came up to the Enforcer. Being compelled to meet a great warrior. As the group of knights came up to the Pursuer, their mouths opened in disbelief.

The group consisted of a Greek pale human with a red tattoo on his face named Kratos. His lightsaber like Blades of Honor had a unique design. Chain links wrapped around his arms, and when his blades activated, he could swing them and kill far away opponents. Another member was a light skinned black haired human with an incredible physical prowess named Guts. His blade was very similar to that of a light club. The handle was usually strapped to his back, and he showed impressive skill in using it in combat. The answer as to why he uses a weapon like this is “Bigger suits me.” Another in the group was a peach skinned Mantrian with snow white hair, and shimmering golden forearms named Asura. Though Mantrians seem like cybernetic beings, (In fact, I think they are) they have thick coats that surround their bodies that have the texture of skin. That’s why Asura refuses to wear anything, other than pant like cloth around his legs, and a space helmet in zero atmosphere. The last was a tall Russian looking human female with red hair, and brown eyes named Anya. She was different than the others. She typically wields two underhand light knife like blades of honor. She was always the type of person who has to  prove themselves.

“Let us begin.” Tyro says excitingly. “I’d love you to join our cause to help those in need.” The Enforcer had given thought before Tyro asked the question. “I am afraid I must decline your offer.” Tyro looked confused. “Why is that?” “You are an admirable soul, but I cannot join an army if their highest leaders don’t have faith within it. Join me as an Enforcer, and together we will save countless lives.” “I admire the offer,” says Tyro. “but I have a responsibility to nurse a sickened empire.” he says as he looks at his council members in disappointment. “I cannot go with you, but any knights that are willing to join you can.” The Enforcer turned around to see the group that followed him to the council chamber, and the Traveler that found him. The Pursuer asked the Traveler “What is your name?” “It is Effrontery.” the commander answers. “Do you wish to become an Enforcer?” “As long as we help those in need.” “Do not worry,” said the Pursuer warrior. “Justice will be spread across the stars.”

s we can use this as a means to contact your friend.” The Seedrian looked up to the Pursuer gleefully. “You would do that?” “Why not?” asked Malachi. “Once we find other troubled souls, we can find this ‘Tails’.” “Thank you very much!” “You are very welcome.”

The massive ship Impervious Mettle turned around, inputted its destination, and disappeared in an instant.

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any fictional media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Yes! Another chapter done! Hope you like it. X)
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