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Location: Unknown Space

Human Time: Unknown

Writer: The Examiner

Information submission is nearly complete.

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WARNING! Incoming message from Ace Thresher!

Sending message now.

Ace Thresher: Hello again!

. . . .

I have the smuggled document that you’ve asked for. The codes required to unlock the document seemed to be pretty secure. It looks like someone didn’t want this one to be read.

. . . .

Then again, all of these documents are becoming harder to find.

. . . .

You really think that higher-ups in The Unity are actively trying to shut people out?

. . . .

Why? What would they gain from doing this? The multiverse has been relatively peaceful for a long while.

. . . .

I’m just sayin. Maybe we shouldn’t disrupt the peace.

. . . .

No! That’s not what I’m saying at all! It’s just that… there’s gotta be a good reason as to why they’re not letting everyone see them.

. . . .

No. You’re right. If we’re gonna do this, we might as well go out all the way. If we don’t do this, no one will. They have to know the truth.

Ace thresher message over.

Sending smuggled message now

Please wait…..

   Deep within the furthest clutches of space lied a lonely sphere drifting about in a seemingly endless random pattern. What made this sphere extraordinary was what it could withstand. It could fly through massive asteroid fields, and take powerful collisions with meteors larger than planets flying at the speed of light without even getting a scratch. Though the sphere appeared to be a large metal ball floating in the vacuum without stopping, it had a destination. And nothing was going to get in it’s way.

   After what seemed like an endless journey, the sphere had finally stopped in a place that the stars never touched. A place where planets never grew. A place that lied beyond the reaches of many galaxies. Being completely distant from most of the universes that he could sense gave The Observer plenty of room to think. Now that the Dawn of Darkness was over, he wanted that more than anything. Time to think.

The Observer: It is done. The war is finally over. The universe that we spent so much to protect is now safe from the deceitful tendrils of the corruptors. The Desecrator’s prison has been sealed. The king of darkness will never be able to loosen his chains. His immortality will be used against him. As long as The Desecrator lives, he will always be a prisoner. Yet I still wonder. How long will he remain as one?

The children that now inhabit this fractured universe will become prosperous civilizations as they wander to the furthest corners of reality. They will live in peace for a time. They will learn from the gifts we left them to discover. They will know tranquility. Yet I still worry for them.

Malachi hides in despair, while I have taken the title of an Observer. Without Pursuers to guide them, they will surely drift into a sense of superiority. Soon they will discover each other. And when they reveal themselves as absolute powers, their egos will blossom forth, creating conflicts of image and dominance. Once they realize that they cannot overpower one another, they will learn of The Desecrator once more.

Near the brink of oblivion, they will try to find a possible way to release him. Once he is freed, the children will barter with him, hoping that he will help them crush their enemies. If the Corruptor is released, he will agree to their terms. He will offer them the illusion that he is under the control of those who freed him.  

He will pose as a protector of good. And when he gains their complete trust, he will destroy them from the inside, and release his minions on whatever still remains. Whoever remains will either unite against him, or give in to his manipulation. Yet I hope that there will be those who are willing to do what is right.

---------------Several millennia later------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Time passed while the Pursuer meditated in his realm of consciousness. Eons and eras drifted by in what felt like mere moments of time. The Observer rested in the same thoughts continually in hopes of bringing peace to himself. His mind was at a crossroad. He wanted to protect the children of the universe from themselves. Unfortunately, the children will become far too dependent of him, and will become weak. On the the other hand, the Pursuer wants to keep the ways of his people alive by upholding the role of an observer. But this will leave the children of the universe vulnerable to themselves.

In a way, this was a way for the Observer to punish himself as a result of not keeping his people alive. Habakkuk had thought that he had finally become one with himself. Then something entered The Observer's realm.    

Unknown voice: So. This is where you’ve been hiding for all this time? A grand Enforcer of the Pursuers hides from his mistakes? Does it not say in the Enforcer Decree that you must maintain courage in the steepest grief?

Whoever this voice was correct in some case. But it was also trying to toy with him. The Observer attempted to shew the voice away.

The Observer: I have no quarrel with you. Whoever you may be, leave while you still can.

Unknown voice: It is not like a Pursuer to send threats to those who greet them.

The Observer: The Pursuers are gone.

Unknown Voice: Do not fear. You don’t have to lie to me. You tell yourself that you honor your people by remaining here. Even if you do decide to protect them, you’re too late. The stage has been set, and the plays have been made. Nothing you do will stop what is to come.

The Observer: You wish to forcefully bring the children together so they can destroy themselves. Soon they will discover that you will be the one behind this plan. When they do, they won’t stop at anything to end what you have wrought upon them.

Unknown voice: Even if they attempt to hunt me down, all of them combined cannot stand against the power that I wield. I am even strong enough to challenge you.

The Observer: You are playing a dangerous game. Your plan will not last to see success.

Unknown voice: It will, even if I do not live to see it. Even if they unite, their allegiance will not last.

The Observer: There is still hope for them. I can sense it.

Unknown voice: THEIR ARROGANCE WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL!!!!! And when everything falls into place, my master will bring peace to all of reality!!!

The Observer: You deceive yourself into thinking that what your master wants is peace. When in reality, he only wants to make all suffer.

Unknown voice: Says the one who has been one of his greatest annoyances.

The Observer: You were not there. You couldn’t possibly know what he would want.

Unknown voice: You’re wrong! I was there! I saw first hand everything that the Dawn of Darkness destroyed! But you? You couldn’t possibly have cared any less to what happened to all the peoples of the universe! The only thing you cared about was victory!

   Never once in his entire existence did Habakkuk feel more enraged than this very moment.

The Observer: You dare to come to my abode, and guilt me with lies? We gave the children of the universe every single chance to take shelter themselves under our protection, but what did they do? They ran! They hid! They tried to disappear in the deepest darkest crevices of reality hoping that they would never be found! They were even fully aware that they will still lose much for hiding, yet they still did it. If you didn’t allow yourself to be blinded by the lies of your forefathers, maybe then you would have seen the truth. But I am sorry for whatever you have lost.

Unknown voice: I don’t want your apology! I want you to pay in their blood! Even if what you say is true, Nothing can stop what is coming. It’s too late!

Without hesitation, the Pursuer reached out with the presence of ashla to reach out through the barriers of the multiverse, and found the source of the voice. Found on a remote planet distant in a galaxy tangled in chaos. The voice belonged to a creature that murdered the last of his brethren so he could be unparalleled. The last of his kind. Someone that tried to prove himself worthy to the Corruption when the Dawn of Darkness came to a close. A Rioter. The Rioter suddenly could slowly feel the air itself crushing his throat.

The Observer: It is never too late. There will always be hope. But know this, child of my enemy’s followers. If you continue down this path, I will not hesitate to do what must be done.

Knell the Butcher: Even if you do kill me, the weight of what you have done will tarnish the name of your people forever.

The Observer: If your death grants me a chance to show them that the Pursuers are not a threat, then I am willing to pay that price.

   As seconds passed, the solid grip on Knell’s throat loosened. This however didn’t change the Rioter’s mind on his plans for the now multiverse. .

The Observer: You will not yet die by my hands. But whenever you begin your mindless rampage, know that I will always be watching.

Knell the Butcher: I look forward to meeting you face to face. I wonder what It would be like to fight a Pursuer.

   The Observer released Knell, and went off to meditate in his sphere. Now that he was gone, Knell was hoping to hear some good news when his visitors arrive. His fleet commander, Troy Marshall noticed something was wrong with him.

Troy Marshall: Sir? Are you alright? You seem a little winded.

Knell the Butcher: Do not worry, Troy I am perfectly fine.

   Just then, A group of people walked through Knell’s throne room. The Rioter smiled.

Knell the Butcher: Ah! Welcome, Marauders! Care for a drink?

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any electronic media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Yes! Another chapter done! This is the first part to the third cycle of the story. More will come out soon.
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Submitted on
July 13, 2016