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The Unity
Chapter 11
Listen to… while reading

Location: Human occupied space
Human Time: 2:45pm/ 1445 hours
Writer: The Examiner

Information submission failed
Attempting re-submission
Error 117 ha-15pW0kNK1o4QO9h
Sending smuggled message now
Please wait…..

What I remember about the events on Requiem was….how sudden everything was. Many operatives in corrupt organizations tried their best to hide the Forerunner information that existed there, but they didn’t remain secrets for long. I remember entering my ship on the Forward Unto Dawn when we were under attack by Jual Mdma and his forces. The Master Chief told me that he would find a means of escape elsewhere. When the Dawn was pulled in by the planet’s gravity, I flew through the debris field, and managed to successfully evade the Covenant ships. Not only was my rented starfighter something that the fleet didn’t recognize, it also was faster than their Space Banshees. That made the starfighter too difficult to track. Since the fleet also discovered what they believed was the homeworld of one of their gods, they didn’t really care as to what I was suppose to be. After getting a safe distance from Requiem, I stopped the starfighter in place, and turned around to turn on the data tracker behind me,and reached out to the possible survivor on the surface. I spoke into it.

Me: Sir Chief. Chief?

After waiting several moments, I heard a response not from the Spartan, but instead from the ancilla.

Cortana: Hello?

I was relieved to hear from at least someone.

Me: Cortana? This is Vlado.

Cortana: Vlado. What’s your status?

Me: I escaped the debris field, and am currently under the fleet’s nose. Are you alright?

Cortana: The Master Chief is currently unconscious, but nothing keeps him down for long.

Me: I can pick you two up.

Cortana: No. If you’re captured by the Covenant, they’ll learn about your galaxy, and pass through the wormhole you used to get here.

Me: I’ll try to find any help I can find.

Cortana: No, Vlado! You’re a civilian.

Me: I’m no civilian!

Cortana: Even so, this isn’t your fight. Go while you have the chance.

Me: Take care.

Cortana: Don’t worry about us. We’ll pull through.

Me: Good luck.

If the files I read about the Spartan’s accomplishments are at all accurate, then the Master Chief could likely take on the entire Galactic Empire on his own. Though part of me still felt responsible for his actions. I inputted the coordinates for the safest possible route a human colony. If I wanted to stop a Covenant fleet, I needed an army. I’m sure that the spartan could last long enough until I found one. If he hasn’t already stolen one of the fleet’s transports by now. When I entered the streams of hyperspace I set the data tracker to absorb any information it gathers throughout my trip. I plugged a cord from it into my helmet to project the information in my dreams if I fell asleep. Eventually I did.
The streams of hyperspace was always a tranquil sight to me. What would cause other organic beings to throw up if staring into it too long felt to me like staring into an always shifting blue kaleidoscope lense. Seeing it gave me comfort before I slept. Especially from all of the knowledge that was entering my mind. I had shut my eyes to the sound of algorithms and news reports. I had learned of the galaxy’s recent history, technology, and people. They seemed so primitive, yet quite advanced. Like neanderthals using bayonets. The Humans governed half of this galaxy. They’ve gotten themselves in many predicaments. They were at this point at friendly terms with Sangheili, Unggoy, Yamne, Jiralhanae, Kig Yar, Huragok, etc. They even plan on becoming an alliance. Not including the Insurrectionists and Cultists that refuse to let old habits die.
The trace amounts of Forerunner installations that existed here were mainly used as colonies for citizens to inhabit, rather than tools of complete destruction. Access to these installations as well as the fragmented gems of chaos were completely restricted from those who would blindly use them for acts of aggression. Like the most recently removed former president of Earth. The one that went by the name of Troy Marshall was planned to be taken the most secure prison in the galaxy, but then mysteriously disappeared.  During all of my studies I couldn’t help but notice one beast that stood out from all the rest. Something that the Humans called the Office of Naval Intelligence. Better known as ONI. It seemed to have its influence everywhere. It had its eye on everyone. Even their most recent allies that call themselves Mobians. They’re quite a peculiar race. Picture the diverse animal types of Earth that have been exposed to Human DNA, and have had an evolutionary jump start. They’re practically a subspecies of Humans at this point. They’re homeworld: Mobius was discovered by the UNSC by a slipspace accident, and still stands as a parallel of Earth.
As I woke, I was still in hyperspace. I was nearing the Sol system. During the time it had taken to reach that location, I made electronic accounts throughout what the Humans called waypoint. If I wanted to avoid suspicion, could no longer be Vlado. I had to take on a new name. Until my identity was discovered, I would go by the name of Gervaso Baldric.
I had looked at my experimental gravity manipulator. It was functioning properly. I activated my holographic disguise. It too was functional. Due to recent events, the princess of the Mobians was planning to go on a vacation to nearby worlds to mentally escape the sudden murder of her husband that was a UNSC marine by the hands of the same Troy Marshall that disappeared. This princess goes by the name of Sally Acorn. Quite an odd name.
The princess was under protection of a group that the UNSC calls “Omega Squad”. A squad that she was also a member of. A squad led by the clone of a marine named Sergeant Avery Johnson. The famous Maurice Ogilvie still currently stands as a famous member of this same squad. Though you may or may not know this Mobian as Sonic the Hedgehog. How that overgrown blue rodent became a marine for the Humans is quite the mystery to me.
The group was formed when Mobius was discovered. It solely functioned as a social experiment. Due to recently hiding her child’s birth, I doubted that the princess was emotionally and mentally prepared to go on an “adventure” if you will. But since the journey was about saving someone, I was certain that she would’ve been up for it.
I have also chosen the Mobians to help me on this escapade because they have the least influence from this ONI. One of this princess's friends is young, as well as an ONI scientist. He went by the name of Miles Prower. Though his associates refer to him as “Tails”.
He too carries a secret on Mobius. An experimental mobile fortress that the Mobian called the “Blue Typhoon”. He seems to have a habit of naming his ships after forms of weather.
The Typhoon’s size didn’t impress me at all. It was hardly the size of a Nebulon Frigate that the New Republic used. That however wasn’t what caught my attention.
The ship’s design describes the ability of housing an energy cannon powerful enough to rip right through the shields and hull of a Covenant Assault Carrier. The power of a super laser stuffed in the size of a miniature frigate was something that I really needed.
I knew that the child wasn’t going to simply hand over an experimental fortress that no one but him should know about. I had no choice but to take it. A ship that can wield that much power needs a lot of energy to feed off of. The massive gem that was referred to as the “Master Emerald”. I’ll have to take that as well. One thing at a time. I neared the moons of Uranus, and dropped out of hyperspace.

Listen to… while reading

The gas giant that I stumbled upon wasn’t anything special. It was like a downgraded sky blue version of Bespin. I arrived not only to discard my ship, but also to await the presence of soon to be friends that I planned to help me in the heist.
As I approached the fueling station, a voice came through the speaker of my ship.

Security staff: Unidentified ship, please state your name and purpose.

Me: This is Gervaso Baldric. I only wish to dock for refueling.

Security staff: Please submit your authorization codes.

A holo screen projected through the armor on my left arm, and I submitted the proper code. I waited a moment.

Security staff: You will be docked in hanger S.

I parked my ship in the hanger. I walked out of the cockpit, and a maintenance man came over. His attention drawn on the fighter.

Maintenance: The hell kind of ship is that?

Me: Do you have rooms to stay in?

Maintenance: What?

Me: DO….YOU….HAVE….rooms to stay in?

Maintenance: Oh, of course we do. I think you’ll find room sixty four appealing.

He paused again to marvel at the fighter. I hooked the data tracker on my back, tipped the man with a few credits, and walked to my room. He looked at the credits seeming more confused. He turned around to ask me the origin of my ship, but I was already gone. If the people I would soon meet weren’t willing to cooperate, I had a back up plan. I would have to spend a few days in my assigned room if this plan didn’t work.
As I waited, I hacked into the communication lines. I filtered through messages being sent to each other and back. They ranged from shipments of “precious cargo”, to conversations of who should hang up first. As what felt like hours passed, I finally found what I was looking for. An unmarked human Pelican was nearing the same station I was docked in.
My new friends were arriving. I immediately set off to the hangar they were stationed in. When I arrived, I saw it. It was a blue and white Police Pelican. The part that said police was covered by matching paint. A group of four came out of the cockpit of the Pelican. All of them were male. Two Humans, and two Mobians.
The leader was Human in his early twenties. He had long brown hair extending down his neck. His hair follicles always stood up as if balloons constantly rubbed against them. He wore a casual twenty first century short sleeved shirt and jeans. His eyes glow a brilliant green. It almost appeared as if his very skin would glow. Like a Human glow stick.
His most noticeable feature were his scars. He had lichtenberg figures. Scars that appear on lightning victims. Marks in the shape of electric currents from the tips of his fingers passing up his shoulders, to the base of his neck. These scars existed on every part of his body.
The second Human appeared to be in his late thirties, yet he seemed to respect the other. The second human wore tan pants with a thick black belt. He wore a loose white dress shirt with a leather jacket over it. He had straight black hair, brown eyes, and a whiskered face. He also had an old fashioned camera fastened around his neck.
The first Mobian was quite an… interesting individual. Roughly in his early twenties. He was a male canine. A Shih Tzu I think. He had long brown thick fur with a wide beard that nearly completely covered his face. His most noticeable feature was the brown jacket that he always wore. It even had a red and yellow bull on its back. I can only guess where he got it.
The second Mobian wasn’t as interesting. Quite bland in fact. The feline had an unknown age. I asked him what it was. He never gave me a straight answer. He had black fur that started at the top of his head, then traveled down the back of his neck. A white chin to go with it. He also seemed to have the most fortified clothing than the rest. The Mobian had the appearance of a former policeman.
I walked up to the group to great myself.

Me: Greetings.

All of them turned to me. Even the maintenance engineer.

Human 1: Uhh, hello?

Me: Do you have room for a passenger?

Human 2: Sorry, pal. We don’t have time for a--

The canine Mobian interrupted by punching him in the shoulder.

Mobian 1: That depends, amigo. Where do you want to go?

Me: Mobius.

The group looked among each other. The possible leader kept his eyes on me.

Human 1: What for?

Me: I plan on meeting several friends.

Human 1: Hop on.

I jump in the cockpit of the pelican, and sat in one of the passenger seats.

Maintenance: Wait! What about your ride?

The group looked at me. I carelessly waved my hand in their direction.

Me: You can scrape it into parts for all I care.

The man was taken off guard.

Maintenance: Are you sure?

I chuckled to the fact that he even asked.

Me: Go for it. It’s hardly worth the metal it’s made of. I’m honestly surprised it didn’t break down by the time I got here.

The engineer looked at me as if I were joking.

Maintenance: If you say so.

Before long, we were off.

The flight to Mobius would have been slow, were it not for the awkward silence on the pelican. I had decided to break it by discussion.

Me: So. Do any of you have names?

Human 1: Oh. Where are my manners? My name--

Something stopped him, but he continued.

Human 1: is Michael Vey.

By uttering those few words, that Human confirmed what he was. He had unintentionally revealed that the rumors were true. This Michael Vey was a man lost in time. In the twenty second century, Vey and sixteen others were the result of an experiment to physically enhance the genetic makeup of Humans.
The Elgen (carriers of the experiments) originally planned to give people a mutation that allows them to cut off their brain’s connection to pain via physical contact, but only one of these mutants received the ability to do so. The other fifteen received….different enhancements from these experiments. For their safety, the children were hidden from the Elgen. At some point, these mutants came together to form a group. After discovering the Elgen, the death of several dozen children from their experiments, and their plans of taking over the world by creating an army of mutants, the group overthrew them, and destroyed any trace of their work.
All was well for the electric mutants. The group became like a family. Some of them had even married with other members. Even the Nonels (Non-mutants) that joined the same group. They had become closer than ever. However, this would not last.
Since the Elgen were the funders of experimental power plants scattered all across the world, the Earth governments of the time were afraid of what the mutants could accomplish. Especially future generations that would carry on their legacy. The Earth governments completed the final steps of experimental cryo hibernation tubes.
The mutants were sentenced with war crimes that they never committed, and were placed into cryo sleep. Never to be woken up. One thousand years later, the cryo tubes disappeared, and the leader of the mutants was sitting right across from me. Now that I know that every single rumor regarding the mutants and Elgen are true, one thing bothered me. Where were Michael Vey’s little friends? Where was his little “Electroclan”?  
The pelican has been passing over the rings of Saturn.

Human 2: Frank West. Former agent of ONI.

I shook the Human’s hand, and waited for him to speak more. I knew this man’s story after hacking into communications and info vaults, yet he was inclined to share it himself. Unlike Vey, West was a talker.

Frank West: Started off as a journalist, but got a high paying job from ONI to investigate a possible Flood infection on a backwater colony that lied on the border  between UNSC and former Covenant territory. The backstabbers that run ONI didn’t send the ride they promised when I found evidence that they were involved with the infection, and survivors.

Me: What happened to the survivors?

Frank West smiled.

Frank West: Relax, pal. I didn’t eat them or nothing. Me and the survivors found a military complex with a UNSC frigate inside. We rigged all of the explosives in the building, and flew off before we before we blew that place to hell.

Me: What did you do to the survivors after that?

Frank West: I delivered the people to a friendly colony owned by members of the Covenant Ascendancy. After that, I ran into Michael here, and agreed to help him find his lost friends.

We were nearing Jupiter’s presence before the first Mobian introduced himself.

Mobian 1: Pepe Ion.

He offered his hand, and I shook it.

Me: What’s your story?

Pepe Ion: I wanted to make a name for our people. I went to Earth to become a policeman to get rid of the drug cartel in the megacities of Mexico City, Puebla, and Guadalajara. After finding that my former superiors gained profit from those same drugs, I defected from authorities.

Me: Is that how you ran into the driver of this police pelican you stole?

Pepe Ion: My step brother and I bought this heap.

Frank West: With drug money?

Pepe Ion: Felix was a cop in Earth’s capitol. After the incident with Troy Marshall, he tried being a citizen of a neighboring system. He ran into me, and we both agreed to work together to sustain our new lives. When we found Michael and Frank, and heard of his need to save his lost friends, we decided to lend them a hand.

Mobian 2: As long as this doesn’t become a black ops shit show, I’ll be fine with it.

This intrigued me. How much did these people know about this Michael Vey?

Michael Vey: So why are you here?

I tried to be honest in a joking manner.

Me: I’m off to save the Master Chief from impending doom.

The group sat in silence. Everyone except Vey howled in laughter.

Pepe Ion: *laughs* I hate to pop your bubble amigo, but the Master Chief has been dead for several hundred years.

Michael Vey: You’re not from around here. Are you?

Frank and Pepe looked at me with suspicion. It was at this moment that I realized that I had underestimated Vey’s abilities.

Me: Well. I am from beyond the outer colonies.

Michael Vey: You’re not Gervaso Baldric.

I didn’t even fully introduce myself, and Vey has already figured out that my current identity was fake. This however completely exposed who Vey was if his new found friends didn’t already know.

Me: And how exactly would you know that?

Vey began to twitch, but it was too late to not be honest.

Me: Have you not yet told your friends of your strengths?

Ion and West had looked at Vey with concern.

Frank West: Mike? What’s he talkin about?

Vey briefly points at me.

Michael Vey: This guy isn’t what you think he his. He’s not even Human.

Pepe Ion: What d'you think Felix and I were when we agreed to tag along with you guys?

Frank West: Pepe’s got a point, Mike. Having space aliens share the same living spaces as us isn’t anything new.

Vey was still a little silent, then he asked me.

Michael Vey: You’re not Elgen?

I chuckled.

Me: Elgen has been gone for over a thousand years, my friend. If we hide who we all are, then we can’t save the master Spartan.

Vey was still being defensive. I exhaled in annoyance.

Me: Look. If you help me find the man that helped me in a world I’m unfamiliar with, then I will help you save your friends.

Vey looked at me in disbelief.

Michael Vey: How do I know that Elgen still doesn’t exist through ONI? How do I know that you’re not here just to kill all of us?

Me: Well, you don’t.

I paused to think, but I then continued.

Me: But you and I both know that you are more than capable of defending you and your friends.

Vey sighed in defeat, feeling that he didn’t have plentiful options.

Michael Vey: Fine. Explain yourself first, then I will explain myself to them.

Me: Can do.

Explaining things to West and the Ion step-brothers took far longer than I wanted it to. At least I was now able to disable my disguise. Ion pointed at me first.

Pepe Ion: So you are an alien engineer that left your amigos to find the distress signal, but ended up in a separate galaxy?

Me: I wouldn’t exactly call them my friends, but yes.

West then points at Vey.

Frank West: And you're basically a Human taser that is looking for his….clan?”

Michael Vey: Yes. Even if my family made it away from that…thing, I don’t know how long Quentin will be able to keep them in line.

Me: So, does that mean we’re a team?
Ion called out to his feline step-brother.

Pepe Ion: What do you think, Felix?

Felix Ion: A little action couldn’t hurt.

Michael Vey: Then it’s settled. From here on out, we’ll be a team.

He then looked at me.

Michael Vey: We’ll help you find the Master Chief, but you will help us find my family.

Frank West: And if this all goes south, we’ll just cut off any connections to us so we don’t get charged for treason for some bullshit reason.

Pepe Ion: Do you even know how to hide from a military, amigo?

Frank West: Kind of. I’ve covered wars, y’know.

Me: Alright. Here’s the plan.

Listen to… while reading

Visually, Mobius wasn’t much different from Earth. Same places, different people. The only technical difference was the misshapen continents it held. Everyone was performing their parts of the plan. Michael and Frank went to take the Master Emerald, while Felix and Pepe went to take the experimental Blue Typhoon. I was visiting the royal castle’s graveyard of the Mobians. Princess Acorn and her friends were going to visit the grave of her recently deceased Human marine husband, Christopher Vennettilli. Now I know that the copy had the same memories of the previous one, but meeting the first Vennettilli would have been interesting. He was quite an odd man. A stubborn man. A broken man. You could say that becoming romantically involved with a Mobian, much less a princess would become colossal mistake, but the emotional backlash of your parents dying in a plane crash can drive one to do reckless things. Despite his personal choices, he was a man of honor. He had performed impressive accomplishments throughout his service before and after becoming the women’s personal body guard. But now he’s gone. He would have been very useful to my plans. But all I could have done now was settle for second best.
After passing the graves of honorable men and women that were sent to slaughter by their superiors, I had found the hill in which the Human was buried. I looked up to the cloudless sky, and mentally reminded myself of what I was going to do. I walked further, then stopped in the presence of his grave. It had a polished granite tombstone with carvings into it. The carvings had said Here lies Christopher Vennettilli. (3212-3240) A man that always put his life on the line for his friends. A bouquet of flowers sat next to the stone. I then saw a photo. I kneeled to pick it up. It was a photo of the princess and the soldier. Judging by the way it looked, it appeared to be an event where the princess pulled a camera out of nowhere, and took a picture of the Human’s surprised face. The Mobian was laughing. The Human looked utterly surprised. I smirked. His awkward expression looked ridiculous. I placed the photo back, and reached into my backpack. I pulled out a medallion, and looked at it. It was a Civilian Medal of Honor from my galaxy. Don’t ask how I got it. I had placed it onto the Human’s tombstone. I activated my gravity manipulator, and moved the dirt that covered Vennettilli aside.
I opened the casket, and saw the body. The Human inside looked cold. No sign of life was resonating within him. Bandages covered his head. Beeing shoot through the eye socket, and bleeding to death were the Human’s last seconds of life. He never even got to see his beloved, or his child before he died. I scanned his arms. Forerunner symbols were carved into his flesh. They all lead to one word. Requiem. The same place I had left not too long ago. Perhaps this was all just fate.
I’ll admit that I’ve grave robbed before, but I only ever done so with those who never deserved redemption. Performing a similar act to someone that had done so much for his people and loved ones felt wrong. But I needed his level of skill.
I pressed a button on my left arm gauntlet, and an empty vial and medical needle popped out. I grabbed them.

Me: I’m sorry, Christopher. But the universe is not done with you just yet.

I stabbed the needle into the Human’s neck, and drew out a blood sample. I stuck the needle into the vial, and sprayed the sample into it. I put them into the compartment that they came out of. I ripped out skin and hair samples, and put them in other vials to put in my backpack. I then removed the bandages on the Human’s face. I pulled out a device, stabbed it into the Human’s brain, plugged into a contraption surgically implanted inside, and recorded all of his brain activity during all of his years of service. I pulled it out, wiped it off, and placed it into my backpack.
I had gotten out of the grave, and closed the casket. I had reactivated my gravity manipulator, and placed the ground back. After a minute’s worth of time, I heard footsteps rustling through the grass. I had made sure that they had heard what I said next.

Me: May you rest in peace, soldier. And may the Force be with you on whatever you face next.

I may not be a Jedi, but I have seen some crazy things through the years that I have been alive. It can conquer a galaxy if you use it correctly. I then heard what sounded like the curiosity of a young boy.

Miles (Tails) Prower: Hmm?

It was almost as if he had recognized the phrase that I had said. Like he heard it from somewhere.
I then heard a woman's voice. I knew who It was, but I didn’t expect her to sound like the way she did. She immediately saw the medallion, but still asked.

Sally Acorn: Did you know him?

Me: Only through records and stories, I’m afraid. Have you?

Sally Acorn: Yes.

Me: Were you close?

Sally Acorn: Yes.

Maurice (Sonic) Ogilvie: *long pause* He was always there for us. Even though I always gave him shit for it.

Sally Acorn: What is your name?

I didn’t turn, but intentionally answered.

Me: Gervaso.

The young boy slipped on his tongue.

Miles (Tails) Prower: Haven’t heard a name like that before.

The blue Mobian lightly punched him in the shoulder to silence him. I still didn’t turn.

Me: You don’t hear many name like Tails either.

The boy was silent.

Sally Acorn: How would you know that?

Me: I know more than you might think.

Maurice (Sonic) Ogilvie: Like what?

Me: Enough to know that Vennettilli was more than a soldier to you, princess.

The young boy became defensive. Like defending a parent.

Miles (Tails) Prower: Who are you to question her personal affairs?

I still didn’t turn, but grinned instead.

Me: Me? *long pause* Well, I’m just an engineer in a lost world.

Without warning, I spun around, pulled out my blaster pistol, and shot all three of them.

Listen to… while listening
Being onboard the Blue Typhoon was actually quite nice. It felt more like a luxury ship than a battleship. The bridge had an actually functional air recycling system. It felt good to breath in cool fresh air as it passed in and out of my lungs. Not at all like the muffled nonfunctional air systems on ships I’m familiar with.
Hauling the three Mobians onboard was irritating. Hiding evidence doesn’t make it weightless. The Typhoon was passing through the streams of slipspace as I sat in a chair near Vey as he was sitting in the captain’s chair. West and the Ion stepbrothers were likely getting lost in other parts of the ship.
As I waited for the three in front of me to regain consciousness, I passed the time by crafting a custom Human firearm with my own design. It may look like an elongated double barreled pistol, but it is much more.
The trio finally began to wake up in fastened seats in front of me. They panicked and tried to struggle, but to no avail.

Sally Acorn: What’s the meaning of this?!

I looked up to her.

Me: I wouldn’t struggle if I were you. It’ll tighten the belts.

The one they called “Tails” came into realization.

Miles (Tails) Prower: Wait! This is my ship! You stole it, didn’t you?!

Me: You are correct.

The one called “Sonic” noticed the gun I was crafting, then spoke up.

Maurice (Sonic) Ogilvie: You went all this trouble just to kill us!?

Me: No. I just made this to pass the time.

I then looked at Tails.

Me: Oh. I hope you don’t mind, but I took some copper salt from your quarters.

The Mobian looked at me as if I slapped him in the face.

Miles (Tails) Prower: You better not have broken anything!

I threw reality back at him.

Me: I don’t know if you noticed, but you have bigger problems at stake here than your little toys that lie in your little laboratory.

Sally Acorn: Why are you even doing this? People will hunt you down for doing this!

Me: I am counting on it.

Maurice (Sonic) Ogilvie: What do you even want from us?

Me: I need your help to save a series of important individuals.

Sally Acorn: If you want us to get Marshall out of captivity, then forget it!

I looked at her as if she was stupid.

Me: Haven’t you heard? Troy Marshall is gone. He’s either dead, or was abducted.

The princess then obtained a look of curiosity.

Sally Acorn: What makes you think we will help you?

Me: Well, according to my research, you seemed to have had a very personal relationship with the now deceased Captain Vennettilli. And Humans don’t view you Mobians very highly. Do they?

Maurice (Sonic) Ogilvie: You think threatening us will make us work with you?

Me: I know that you’re going to work with me. I know everything about you all. All three of you carry dirty little secrets. And I know that you wouldn’t want a lot of people to get ahold of those secrets. *long pause* Would you?

Sally Acorn unsurprisingly obtained the expression of rage. She would have kicked me in the genitals if she could. But she relented. She breathed in, and made a sigh in defeat.

Sally Acorn: What do you want us to do?

Listen to… while reading

Cloud, Snake, Riddick, Turok, X, and Omega Squad had last picked up signatures from the princess, and Michael Vey at a space station that laid beyond the galaxy that housed Humanity, and the Covenant Ascendancy. Despite their ship trying to make contact with the station, it never answered. The group breached an air lock, and fanned out into the wide dark hangar. Sparks shot throughout the hangar, and all of their guns were disabled. They grouped together, and awaited for what would happen next. All of a sudden, lights all around flashed to life. What they saw in the middle of the hangar was a ten foot tall human like being covered in a red cloak that draped over his back. He raised his hands in the air, and chanted.

Vaclav the Cowl: Welcome to the Union! We’ve been expecting you.

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any fictional media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Funny story. I actually had this finished for a few days, but recently got back to it. Now it's up. Just to clarify, I'm bringing in a crossover universe made by another deviant on this website. He came up with the idea of putting Sonic and Halo together. Since I was going to include both realities into this story, I figured I'd asked permission to include this deviant's crossover in the fray. Now I finally introduced it.

The deviant responsible for making this crossover verse is called Chris000. Maybe you heard of him. He makes literature of his own. When I first ran into his account, I thought that they were legitimate Halo novels. Needles to say, he's a damn good writer. The character Christopher Vennettilli was a character in the deviant's stories, and was a love interest to Sally Acorn from the Sonic SATam series. This chapter of The Unity takes place right after one of Chris' stories. Troy Marshall is another character from the same stories. He was shown in a couple earlier chapters in this. 

If you're interested in the concept of Halo and Sonic being one universe, then I highly recommend looking at his content. If you do, you may also notice references to his stories in The Unity, but I won't point them out here.   


Changed the wordage to make it make sense. 
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