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Listen to… while reading

Location: Frojila
Human Time: 0926 hours/ 9:26 am
Writer: The Examiner

Alex felt that taking in the Mobian in to The Programmer took sooner than he had thought it was going to take. He expected more of a challenge after hearing such a reputation from him. Then again, he was beaten several times with a cattle prod when he was found by the Human soldiers that were punishing him for being associated with Robotnik some time earlier. The Slasher just took the Mobian spy that once answered to Marshall, and the hispanic farmers that happened to be present as a bonus.
Alex took a casual brisk walk down the empty street of the quiet planetoid as a hover lift carried the people he captured. After fully cleaning the Human blood off his machete with a serrated flat edge, he figured that he would brutally kill any Chupacabras that would be unlucky enough to cross the cyborg’s path to pass the time. After all, he wasn’t in a hurry to get to his ride.
A couple of the Slasher’s captors were two Mobians. One was a biological weapon named “Shadow”. The other was a Naval Intelligence officer named Rouge. Before she was knocked unconscious, Alex wanted to see how well Rouge could fight after hearing about her service to Marshall. He wasn’t impressed. The horribly beaten Shadow put up a better fight than she did.
The other captors were Human. One of them was named Ernesto Valdez. The UNSC marines that Alex killed captured Shadow at Ernesto’s house. Valdez was used as bait to lure Shadow and Gregorio Estoban. One of Ernesto’s friends. Alex made sure to kidnap Gregorio’s daughter Maria, and his dog Isa to make sure that no one would look for him. But it was unlikely that someone of importance would look for some lonely farmers that live in the middle of nowhere. Alex just wanted to be sure. Just as Mason was getting bored, his holo transmitter hummed to life. Confused, he pulled it out of his pocket.

Alex Mason: That’s weird. No one’s supposed to be able to message me on this thing.

Alex turned it on to see what it was. What he received wasn’t a message. But a database of information. Specifically everything about the Slashers, and that their “accidents” were all arranged to make soldiers into more effective weapons. Alex couldn’t believe his eyes.

Alex Mason: Well I’ll be damned. What are the chances?

At that moment, Alex Mason’s mind changed forever. But he did something that no one would have expected. A grin slowly formed on his face, revealing each one of his shining teeth. His green eyes unnaturally lit as he let out a sinister laugh. His casual walk became a jog as his lifter swiftly followed. Alex made it to his ride as he was greeted by two Terminators disguised as marines. One of them quickly approached him.

Terminator guard: Alex! There’s been a situation. You need to come with us.  

As the machine got closer, Alex quickly pulled his machete out of its sheath. He thrusted his blade with such force that it pierced the armor coating the endoskeleton, ruptured the hydrogen fuel cells powering it, and lifted it in the air with one arm. Mason pulled the machete out of the Terminator in disguise, and it hit the ground with a loud thud.

Alex Mason: That won’t be necessary.

Instantly reacting to hostility, the other machine charged at Alex. He faced the Terminator with a grin, and he diagonally swung his blade with enough force to chop it clean in half. As he did, the upper torso of the machine reached one of its arms to grab Mason’s ankle. It spoke to him.

Terminator guard:….do this?

Alex Mason: Sorry, budd. My shackles are starting to feel a little tight. I think It’s finally time to rip em off.

With those words spoken, Alex put his foot on the Terminator’s head, and crushed it. Alex felt more alive than he ever did before. Just then, Shadow began to wake up. Alex walked up to Shadow, and tightly grabbed his chest fur to lift him up.

Alex Mason: S’up, furry? You awake?

Shadow wasn’t conscious enough to respond. His eyes opened slightly, but he could not move his tongue enough to make words.

Alex Mason: Awww. Look at you. You look real out of it. Maybe you could use a few extra hours. You’ll need to be plenty awake for what I have planned for you.

Those were the few words that the Cyborg said to the Mobian before Alex swung another punch at Shadow. Knocking him out cold. Again.

---------In another place in time -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Listen to… while reading

The freighter and corvette attached airlocks in the deep vastness of space. The residents that stood inside were unsure of what to do. The two ships narrowly escaped near impossible odds in their respective worlds just to stumble across one another by pure chance. Perhaps it was destiny. Perhaps it was the Creator’s intent. We will one day find out either way.
Jason Urn of the Marauders waited in the airlock of the 720 freighter, while Captain Deon Simon Ninten of the Wrecking Crew waited in the airlock of the FarStar. As Jason patiently waited while everyone was standing behind him, Addison and Chin decided to break the silence.

Chin Ada: You think these guys are with the New Republic?

Addison Zeph: Not unless they forgot how to use their ships right. I mean, come on. Who uses a Star Destroyer to evacuate citizens?

Chin Ada: Maybe they ran out of transports...and, uhhh tried using whatever they had?

Addison Zeph: Just seems a little self defeating. Puts kind of a big target on your head.

Jason Urn: Maybe they’re not from around here.

Chin Ada: You mean like pirates?

Jason Urn: I mean maybe they’re among the lines of being as weird as those Star Fox guys.

Jason then looked behind himself.

Jason Urn: No offense.

Fox Mccloud: None taken.

Suddenly, the air locks on each end whooshed open to reveal something he didn’t expect to see. A Human stood across from him. Humans are very common; but that wasn’t what bothered Jason. It was the way he looked that threw him off. The light skinned Human captain with dark brown hair wore blue jeans, a yellow shirt with a bullet proof vest, and a red letterman jacket with a bold black N on it. He looked like some normal citizen trying to play dress up. The captain seemed equally surprised. As if he was expecting something far more unusual.

Captain N: Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.  

Jason Urn: Wesk-herf-aurek-trill? Isk dorn-isk-dorn-nern'-tril herf-esk-aurek-resh yirt-osk-usk.

Captain N: Woah. You got something in your mouth, buddy?

Jason’s thoughts were confirmed that he really wasn’t from his galaxy. He couldn’t understand what the man across from him was saying. But that still didn’t explain why they had a transport, and three Star Destroyers at their disposal. The hunter tried using a different method of communication. He lifted up his arms, and pointed at himself with both hands to try a more simplistic approach.

Jason Urn: Mern-esk Jenth-aurek-senth-osk-nern .

Just then, someone was calling out from behind the captain.

Unknown voice: Wait a moment!

Another Human with bushy white hair, a lab coat, and thick glasses reached out his arms, and pushed the captain out of the way to see the Marauders with excitement and anticipation in his eyes.

Unknown Human: Do my eyes deceive me? More Humans that look just like us!

He then looked behind Jason to see the others. They all looked at him with hostile intent. He didn’t seem phased by it.

Unknown Human: Remarkable! It seems that we have new faces around here. I look forward to studying them all.

Captain N: Hey! Watch where you put your hands, Elvin! We’re not the enemy here.

The white haired Human who seemed to be a scientist shoot the captain a glance.

Human scientist: I am painfully aware of who is what here, Deon. These people clearly cannot speak our language. I’m giving them translators so we can communicate with them properly. Maybe they’ll even help us with that Programmer fellow.

The captain looked again at Jason who seemed even more confused than before. The captain spoke again.

Captain N: Fine. Let’s give it a shoot.

The Human scientist reached into his pocket, and pulled out his hands to offer Jason a handful of oval shaped pills with a strange metallic liquid inside. Jason grabbed them, and starred in suspicion. The scientist then made a swallowing gesture with his hands. Addison and Chin began to speak again.

Addison Zeph: What do you think they are?

Jason Urn: I guessing that they’re pills that’ll help us talk to these guys.

Addison Zeph: You think we should take them?

Jason Urn: I don’t see many alternatives. It’s not like we can kill them and take over their ship. Their destroyers will shoot us down

Chin Ada: I wouldn’t say that too loud.

Jason Urn: They can’t understand us.

Chin Ada: But they will now?

Jason Urn: That seems to be their idea.  

The bounty hunter shared the pills with his group and the mercenaries.

Pan Krell: Down the hatch, I guess.

Themba: As if this day couldn’t get any weirder.

Some in the group cupped their mouths with their hands, while others pinched the pill with a finger and thumb to swallow. As all had finished, they looked among each other expecting something to happen. The Translator capsules eventually took their effect.
Jason felt an irritation in his throat coupled with a brief pain in his stomach, while something poked the space beneath it. It didn’t bother him very much. But the others clenched their abdomens, and groaned. One of the Cornerians immediately jumped to conclusions.

Nora Leslie: I knew they poisoned i---

The mercenary quickly cupped her mouth. Not at first recognizing what she just said. Everyone in the group looked at her in confusion. Though the Human scientist on the other side looked like he could barely contain his excitement.

Human scientist: It worked! The translators are actually working!

Jason turned to the scientist, and grabbed his shirt collar with rage in his eyes.

Jason Urn: You’re going to explain to me what the hell you just di--

The hunter froze mid-sentence. But not because the captain whipped out an orange and white colored pistol to his head faster than the eye could track. It was because the hunter didn’t at first recognize what he had just had. For a few seconds, Jason stared through the scientist’s face, taking in all these new and strange words flooding into his head. The Aurebesh and Mando’a that he always knew took a backseat while these new words took there place. His ears quietly rung, and he then came back into reality. He then noticed the gun poking the side of his head.

Captain N: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

The hunter tried to use this new linguistic style to talk to them again.  

Jason Urn: I-I underst-ood you th-that time. H-how?

Human scientist: It was the translators. Those pills you took. You can now speak and understand our language.

Jason Urn: H-how did you know that i-it was going to w-work?

Human scientist: I didn’t at first. I had to study these ships for a long while to see how the makers of it worked. I learned about a majority of the magnificent races from that galaxy you come from. You are the first official test of the pills that can make anyone from your home to say what we say.

Jason Urn: Does it h-have any sideeffects?

Human scientist: I wouldn’t worry about yourself, my fine muscled fellow. You were able to take it with no noticeable negative effects at all.

The Human scientist looked behind the hunter.

Human scientist: Though I can’t say the same about your friends.

Jason quickly turned around to see his team and the Star Fox mercenaries unconscious on the metallic floor. He turned back, and looked at the captain still holding the gun in his face with hatred in his eyes. The hunter then spoke in a tone that clawed it’s way down the captain’s throat, and into his soul. The feeling gave the captain a very clear message.

Jason Urn: WHAT...DID...DO...TO...THEM?

Captain N: Don’t get any funny ideas. Remember that I’m the guy with the gun.

In an instant, Jason’s hand flew at the captain, and swiped the gun out of his hand unbelievably  faster than the gun could even fire. Deon was particularly dumbfounded to find himself being threatened by his own pistol.

Jason Urn: Now you are going to listen to me very carefully. I’ve had pretty long day. I have lost seven of my men to steal a powerful weapon from an extragalactic dictator, only so he could use it to invade a nearly defenseless smaller galaxy.  But after refusing to kill that galaxy’s best defenders, he sent his henchmen to hunt us down to finish the job. He’s got the rest of the galaxy under his thumb, and there aren’t whole lot of places to hide.

Captain N: Wait. You’re trying to hide from someone too?

Jason Urn: What?

Human scientist: What a remarkable coincidence! We actually just escaped the clutches of a dictator of our own.

Jason then lowered Deon’s pistol to the ground.

Jason Urn: Wait! Knell hired you guys to do his dirty work, too?

Captain N: What? No! We just barely escaped an invasion from The Programmer. Our larger ships are carrying civilians!

Jason let off a sigh of relief.

Jason Urn: Oh thank The Force. You’re not-- I thought you guys were someone else.

Captain N: No. Just a city on the run.

Jason Urn: I guess we face a similar enemy. Maybe we’re up against the same guy with different names. It’s common where I’m from.

Human scientist: Well don’t just stand their, Deon! We must show our new friends the hospitality we have to offer!

The scientist motioned Jason to come inside.

Human scientist: My name is Professor Edward Gadd. I think we can accomplish great things together.

E. Gadd looks to Captain N.

Human scientist: I’ll send guards to take care of his friends immediately.  

Captain N: Understood.

Jason Urn: What about my friends? Will they be okay?

Human scientist: Do not worry. They will be alright. The effects of the translators should only keep them asleep for about two more days.

E. Gadd leaves the doorway, leaving the Marauder and Captain N to exchange glances.  

Jason Urn: Thanks for letting us crash with you guys until we get this dictator pest problem sorted out.

Jason walks forward to be stopped by Deon’s hand being held against his chest.

Captain N: I’m afraid I can only let you on board on one condition.

Jason Urn: Name it.

Captain N: I want my gun back.

Jason Urn: Oh right. Here.

Jason handed the gun over to Deon to have it disappear out of his hand almost as fast. The captain’s smile almost immediately returned.

Captain N: Welcome aboard the FarStar! I think you’ll get along with the Wrecking Crew just fine.

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any electronic or written media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Hello, friends! Funny story. I had this done around late February, but then my computer decided to go to shit. But at least I have i done now. Happy late Valentines' present!  
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