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Listen to… and… while listening

Location: The Unknown Regions

Human Time: 1545 hours/ 3:45 pm

Writer: The Examiner

   Jason, Addison, Chin, R3, Pan, TZ, and Themba rushed the Star Fox team to their ship, while Zola and Jumper stayed on the Great Fox capital ship to keep the pursuing fleet occupied as long as possible. After firing the main canons, many of the enemy fleet’s ships were destroyed rather quickly. Both Jumper and Zola were very impressed by this. Especially since the Great Fox was about the size of a heavy cruiser.

Despite their best efforts to get the Marauders and the Star Fox team as far away from their current location, Imperial 1 class Star Destroyers came out of hyperspace. All of them focused their fire on the Great Fox, seemingly unaware of the escaping bounty hunters and their former prey. As the ship once used by the Star Fox team went out in a blaze while giving damage to the destroyers shooting it down, the hunters locked in their planned coordinates, and escaped through hyperspace. In the bridge of one of the destroyers stood the hologram of Knell with Troy Marshall standing by his side.

Knell the Butcher: I really do hate wasting potential. I really wanted to fight alongside them. But I will not allow arrogance to live on when it won’t finish the job just to aim the weapons I give it back at my face.

Troy Marshall: At least you leave trackers in your weapons.

Knell the Butcher: That reminds me. Did they escape the Great Fox?

Troy Marshall: Yes. The 720 freighter we gave them left the ship. But according to our scans, two of them didn’t make it.

Knell the Butcher: A noble sacrifice.

Troy Marshall: We can’t just let them leave. I should send a fleet to follow.


Knell the Butcher: No! I am getting ever so closer to controlling the New Republic and whatever is left of the Empire. I don’t want to spark another war. Not yet.

Troy Marshall: It will be a severe mistake if we don’t kill them now.  

Knell the Butcher: Their leader was trained by Boba Fett. The current warlord of nearly all Mandalorians. This essentially makes the Marauder leader a full Mandalorian. Killing Jason Urn in Mandalorian territory may anger Fett and the others enough to challenge us. This will also break the loyalty of the Mandalorians that we have in our control.

Troy Marshall: Not if we kill him and his little friends before they get there.

Knell the Butcher: Send scouts to hunt them. Once they’re found, bait them to the nearest asteroid field, and ambush them with an Immobilizer so they can’t escape.

Troy Marshall: Will do. I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

Knell the Butcher: If you get the chance to kill them, do it quickly. Once you’re done, send an invasion fleet to take over what those little Cornerians call the Lylat system. Their planets can’t defend against us, and will provide a stable frontier to hold off any other forces.

Troy Marshall: You won’t have to worry about that.


Listen to… while listening

   As the 720 freighter flew threw the streams of hyperspace, the Marauders had a moment to breathe. Jason, Addison, and Chin sat at the pilot station. R3 and TZ nursed the Star Fox leader, while Themba, Pan, and Jalo kept an eye on the other members of the team. They took the time to take in everything that has happened. Image result for hyperspace

Addison Zeph: Hey boss? I don’t wanna tell you how you do your job, but maybe you should have  pulled the trigger.

Chin Ada: Adi! Don’t say that! Boss makes the ultimate decision on what he does with his targets.

Jason Urn: He’s right. If I did, Zalo and Jumper would still be alive. But I didn’t. We have a right to miss them, but we can’t let dwelling on our past get in the way of what we have to do now.

Addison Zeph: You’re right.  They would have wanted it that way.  Sorry for nudging you.

   The station was momentarily overflowing with silence.

Chin Ada: So. What now?

Jason Urn: I am sick of blindly following orders just to get our boys killed. Now we do things our own way. We are going to throw that Knell guy off of his big chair, and take down all of his big shots one by one. It’s time we show the galaxy what the Marauders a truly made of.

Chin Ada: I like the sound of that. This could be really fun!

Addison Zeph: But we’re going to need help. And I don’t how willing these Star Fox guys are willing to help us out after we almost killed their leader.

Jason Urn: I’ll take care of that. I will talk to them, and see how they feel about it. If they don’t want to help us, then I know others that can help us. You two stay here.

Chin and Adi: Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

Jason Urn: No kidding.

   The Human leader of the Marauders left the other hunters alone in hopes of talking sense into the Star Fox team into helping them on their journey. The human walked out of the cockpit to reach the lounge port. Once there, he was greeted by the faces of several members of the Star Fox team. There was a blue feathered pheasant, a green frog, a blue female fox, and a red female fox. They did not look happy. Rather than faces of gratefulness, the Human hunter was greeted with faces of aversion and hostility. As the human neared closer, the blue fox quickly walked toward him, and punched him as hard as possible on the left side of his face. He couldn’t help but notice that the woman’s fist had a ring on it. Pan quickly drew on of his blasters, and aimed it toward her. Jason fought not to punch back.

Blue Fox: That was for Fox!

Pan Krell: Do that again, and your head gets blown off.

Blue Pheasant: You wanna see how well that’ll work for you, pal?

Pan Krell: You’re damn right I do.

Red Fox: There’s a lot of ways to take out  someone that has a blaster.

Pan Krell: Mind coming over here, and showing me some of them?

Green Frog: Guys! Stop fighting! We have enough issues going on as it is!

Jason Urn: He’s right. Stop this pointless bickering now.

Red Fox: Or what?

   The Human hunter points at his former targets.

Jason Urn: We could have thrown you all in one of this ship’s escape pods, and given you all up to the guy that’s chasing us down right now. I argued against it.

Blue Pheasant: You’re gonna need to work on your forgiveness speeches, pal.

Jason Urn: I know that you may never forgive me for what I’ve done. I don't expect you to. But if we don’t agree to work together, we’re all as good as dead.

Blue Fox: That’s not very reassuring.

Jason Urn: We don’t exactly have a lot of options. SO unless you have a better idea, I suggest we start getting along.

   Suddenly, a voice from one of the Cornerians. One that had a lightish brown tint of fur. One that was severely injured. The leader of the Star Fox team. Fox Mccloud.

Fox Mccloud: He’s right. Killing each other here would probably be doing this person’s work for him.

   The mercenary leader limps out of one of the crew quarters. The Cornerian wore nothing but green pants, and his white pilot jacket covering his shoulders, while exposing his chest and abs. Jason thought that it was a little showoff ish. TZ-24, and the Star Fox medical droid, Wimo escorted him to the others. Tubes were sticking out of Mccloud’s chest, injecting him with bacta.

Blue Fox: Fox! Are you alright!

Fox Mccloud: I’m actually much better now, Krystal.  This bacta stuff does wonders.

Jason Urn: You seem to take it well.

Krystal Mccloud: Good. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Fox Mccloud: No thanks to these guys.

   The mercenary looks at the hunter.

Fox Mccloud: Thank you, though. If you didn’t save us back there, whoever’s chasing us would have caught us completely off guard.

Jason Urn: I’m very sorry for almost killing you. I hope that there is something I can do to make it up to you.

Fox Mccloud: Well, you can start off with telling me exactly who this person is that’s chasing us.

Jason Urn: Let’s just start off first with telling me all your names. That way we can get to know each other a little more.

Green Frog: Slippy Toad.

Blue Pheasant: Falco Lombardi.

Red Fox: Nora Leslie.

Jason Urn: Alright. I’ll start from the beginning.

   The Human rounded up the mercenaries, and told them about who exactly they were, and where they came from. They told them that their Lylat System was a part of wild space of the galaxy that the hunters came from. Since Cornerian society was cloaked by undetectable anomalies, they were able to remain completely isolated from the founding of the Jedi, to the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. But when it came to the employer of the hunters, they didn’t really know anything about him other than his name being Knell, and his very possible plans for taking over the entire galaxy that they came from within. Including where the Star and Crimson Fox groups came from. In hopes of stopping Knell from talking Corneria as well as the rest of the Lylat System, the mercenaries agreed to form a partnership with the foreign hunters.

Fox Mccloud: Krystal? Should we trust him?

   The Cornerian, Krystal reached out with her telepathic abilities, but couldn’t fully read his thoughts and emotions. All it really did was give the Human a headache.

Krystal Mccloud: Odd. I can’t read him. But his group trusts him. I don’t think we have much of a choice.

Fox Mccloud: We have to rendezvous with the Cornerian army. They’ll know how to defend themselves. We’ve handled galaxy threatening forces before.

Jason Urn: Not a good idea. If Knell still wants you dead, he’ll probably attack specifically Corneria just to lure you out. We are gonna have to lay back in the shadows.

Nora Leslie: We can’t just sit here, and do nothing.

Jason Urn: We won’t have to. If we want to take this guy down, we have to hit him where it hurts. And I know just the place.

Pan Krell: The Eclipse.

Jason Urn: Exactly. If Knell wants to take over the Lylat System, The Eclipse would be the perfect tool to overthrow an unprepared planet defense force. It’s not yet finished, but one shot from it’s super laser can destroy any ship or station of any size. Shields and hull.

Falco Lombardi: Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Jason Urn: It looks like Knell has Imperial ships in his disposal. If we want to take him down, we’ll have to get them off of us.

Slippy Toad: What should we do?

Jason Urn: We’re going to come out of hyperspace. Once we do, we’ll hide in a nearby asteroid field. At least until the coast is clear.

Fox Mccloud: If there’s a tracker on the ship, than those Star Destroyers won’t be far behind.

Jason Urn: I wouldn’t worry about that. Their fighters can’t travel through hyperspace, and the Destroyers aren’t fast enough to catch up to us.

   Suddenly, the freighter started shaking.

Pan Krell: It’s too late! He’s already caught up to us!

Addison Zeph: Boss! You gotta see this!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Image result for tie scout

Curious as to whatever was attacking them, both the Marauders and Star Fox teams piled into the bridge of the freighter to see. They saw green flashes of blaster fire, and the iconic screaming howl of a TIE Fighter’s engines. A squadron of Imperial fighters swarmed all over. But were not like normal TIEs. The wings were slanted and crooked. The metal frames holding the cockpits were also stretched out.

Miyu Lynx: What are those things?

Chin Ada: They’re TIEs. Fighters mass produced by the Empire.

Nora Leslie: I thought you said that their fighters can’t follow us!

Chin Ada: They can’t! TIEs can barely travel a light year without Destroyers holding their hand.

Jason Urn: Scouts.

Fox Mccloud: What?

Jason Urn: They’re a type of TIE that inspect possible enemy bases. Looks like Knell makes friends fast.

   In seconds, the TIE scouts circle around and unload more green blaster bolts. Seeing an asteroid field nearby, the Human hunter jumped in the pilot station, and grabbed the main steering wheel.

Jason Urn: Somebody get on those laser cannons! I’ll try to lose them in the asteroids.

TZ-24- What should we do with these mercenaries?

Jason Urn: Until we get out of here, they’ll be our friends.

Addison Zeph: Boss! Something’s coming out of hyperspace!

   Before the freighter reached the asteroids, an Imperial Immobilizer came into view.

Jason Urn: Fire the sonic charges!

Addison Zeph: Firing charge now!

   As the Immobilizer sprayed it’s green bolts at the freighter. The Marauders spun their ship around, and disengaged both of its escape pods to float passed the ship’s shields. As it floated closer to the Immobilizer, all of the freighter’s power was put into it’s thrusters . The Imperial ship foolishly tries to shoot down the pods, but when they ruptured, massive blue disc shaped pulses burst out. The discs cut through the hull like butter, and shattered the gravity well generators like eggs. Escape seemed within arms reach, three Imperial class Star Destroyers, and a CR90 corvette of all things came into view in front of them.

TZ-24- Sir. They have us surrounded. I think we should surrender before they kill us.

Addison Zeph: Wait! They’re trying to contact us.

Unknown voice: Hello? Can anyone hear this? This is Captain N of the FarStar and three Evacuators filled with civilians. We just escaped a full scale invasion of our homeworld, and are in desperate need of help. Does anyone copy? Over.

   Whoever was speaking over the coms sounded professional, but yet sounded shaken up by the invasion that they mentioned.

Jason Urn: This is Jason Urn. Leader of the Marauders. We hear your distress call, and are willing to lend a hand. We actually need a little help ourselves.

---------In another place in time -----------------------------------------------------------------------Image result for halo fighter in space

   He leaves his Terminator factory facility on Dwarka alone for his pawns to take care of it for one day, and an attack is launched on it to steal valuable information. Prisoners from the facility’s cells escape with those that planned the attack, and a large group of individuals that can hardly be called soldiers penetrated the defenses, and were now attempting to escape with knowledge on facilities scattered throughout the rest of the galaxy. Decades of well crafted secrecy could go down the drain, and the truth of complete control of both ONI and the UNSC were on the brink of being exposed to every man, woman, and child. Even information regarding one of his best assassins, Slasher received an audio log admitting that he was the one behind the plane crash, and was transformed Alex Mason into a cyborg.  Everything possible was weighing down on him. Despite all of this, only one thing from all of this concerned The Programmer. A lowly hacker named Vlado. Me. Only when he arrived to the facility did I realize why he was so obsessed with me above all else.

Matthew Koen: It would be best if we destroy the facility. Going there puts you in danger.

The Programmer: You’re not changing my mind, Matthew. I’m still going. Nothing will stop me.

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any electronic or written media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Oops. Meant to release this earlier. With it being done and all. Oh well. Stay tuned for more!
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