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Listen to… while reading

Location: Perspicacious Panacea

Human Time: 2315 hours/ 11:15 pm

Writer: The Examiner

   Wandering the halls of the dark and unsettling and empty station in unoccupied space wasn’t as much of a problem for Tyro, knowing that both Chaos and Warp have been for the most part purged from the universe not much long after the Horus Heresy. This situation forced the Imperium of Man, and the Tau Empire to bigrudgidly join the Travelers in their quest to reach the furthest corners of the cosmos. Since both empire’s no longer had many other means of forms of transportation comparable to lightspeed. This fusion of empires was exactly what the Travelers needed to form a solid force to defend themselves from massive threats when exploring the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

Both the Emperor of Man, and the Ethereals have been very useful in that regard. Now they have joined the United Space Alliance. Threats such as the Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids have been far easier to deal with. The Humans and Tau didn’t ever fully get along. But without the superior technology of the Travelers to help them expand, neither of them would have lasted long on their own. Especially after countless centuries of fighting wars on every front imaginable.

Now that the warp storms and Chaos will no longer be a massive threat, new anomalies unlike anything anyone’s ever seen have mysteriously appeared outside of the galaxy’s borders. Perspicacious Panacea was one such case. Being a Human based station that never existed on the Imperium’s records before, it was believed that this station was linked with the other anomalies that have been appearing. Tyro and his allies went off to investigate.


What the Ultramarines and Tau soldiers saw in suspicion, Tyro and his Knights of Honor saw in fascination. The Traveler brushed his hand against the stone and metallic wall as he passed by it. Many of the station’s walls were engraved in the style of ancient Human art. Each of which described their history. It felt more like a gothic cathedral than a battle station. When exploring the halls and rooms, the group noticed high leveled electronic readings as they reached the control room.

Tau Soldier: Is it the Necrons?

Ultramarine: Whatever they may be, they will die by our hands!

   Without any warning, the door to the control room exploded. Large flaming metal shards flew towards the group. The Knights of Honor slashed through the shards, while others were stabbed by them. Mechanical figures stormed out of the door. One of them that seemed like the leader with massive claws called himself Metal Face. But the mechanical beast didn’t seem to speak. It waved its hand toward the group, and the mechanical beings fired green energy from their weapons. Slowly decomposing the armor and flesh of whatever touched it.

Feeling slightly enraged, Tyro summoned power from his blade, and cut through many of the unknown machines with unmatched agility. This encouraged the others of the group to fight with all their might. The Knights of Honor and Ultramarines for possible weak points with their plasma blades and chain swords, while the Tau soldiers fired their heaviest weapons and tried to find cover. Feeling overwhelmed, the mechanical beings signaled each other to escape the station, appearing that they found whatever they were looking for.

The machines activated thrusters on their backs and flew out of one of the stations windows. Reinforced metal collapses onto itself, closing the hole when the machines barely escaped being shot down by the group. Tyro activated a device into his ear, and signaled a nearby ship.  

Grand Master Tyro: This is Master Tyro calling the Hammer of Judgment. Requesting immediate reinforcements!

Suddenly, a rift appeared out of nowhere. Massive tethers of energy pulled the station through the other side.


Listen to… while listening

   The station was pulled into a plane of existence that looked like an endless cluster of nebulae without stars. But that was not what caught the Traveler’s mind. As he looked through the windows of the station, a gigantic fleet of unknown origin loomed over Tyro and his group. Smaller ships surrounding the station prepared for what appeared to be a forced entrance. Doubting that Tyro and his group won’t survive the encounter, they prepared for one hell of a fight.

Grand Master Tyro: Men! Maximize the station’s defenses, and prepare yourselves!


---------In another place in time -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Listen to… while listening

   Expanding and gaining more forced allies was going rather well. With over four generals within his top tiered ranks, the Programmer can finally sit back without having to monitor his worlds every second. After the Programmer discovered that a space station that didn’t belong to him somehow found it’s way into his own personal dimension where he kept his invasion fleet, his interest spiked. He brought up holographic projections of the fleet, the station, and Matthew Koen. The Programmer’s right hand machine.

Matthew Koen: It seems that we have intruders. I’ll order the warships to destroy it immediately.

The metallic dictator held up one of his many hands to object.

The Programmer: Not just yet! I would like to see what the fighters inside are capable of. Send in periodic waves of pawns to board the station. Tell me what you discover from them.

Matthew Koen: Sir. It would be wiser to obliterate them now, rather than wasting valuable resources.

The Programmer: Matthew. Matthew. Matthew. Don’t you ever learn? Exhausting the enemy to their last breath until they have nothing left in them teaches you much more than simply killing in an instant. Rip any chance of hope from their grasp. Don’t let them keep their dignity before they die.

Matthew Koen: Very well. I will carry out the order.

   The images of Koen, the fleet, and station disappeared from the Programmer’s sight. But he would be immediately occupied by another one of his pawns. A hologram of a semi-feminine figure with a green and yellow stripped shirt. The human figure also had near glowing blood red eyes that matched the Programmer’s similar crimson gaze. It also had a rather emotionless face. The Programmer smiled at the figure’s presence.

The Programmer: Why hello there, Chara! How is maintaining the Dwarka facility?

   The figure seemed rather hesitant when asked this question, but answers regardless.

Chara Dreemurr: We’ve suffered a major breach.

   The Programmer's smile immediately vanished.  

The Programmer: I don’t think I’ve heard you correctly.

Chara Dreemurr: A group of possibly mercenaries snuck behind the security, captured prisoners from the holding cells, including the Electroclan, and are trying to escape with them and valuable intel. I tried to stop them. But there were...complications. I destroyed their escape vehicle. I closed off the hangars, and they are trying to leave the facility on foot.

The Programmer: Who is responsible for this attack?

Chara Dreemurr: One of mentioned something about a “Crimson Cowl”.

The Programmer looked down in complete surprise. He thought to himself out of all the people, that coward Vaclav was the one to make the first move?

Chara Dreemurr: There’s more. This Crimson Cowl also got additional help.

The Programmer: Help from who!?

Chara Dreemurr: Some kind of tech guru named Vlado.

   The Programmer’s eyes widened.

Chara Dreemurr: What a stupid name.

The Programmer: Prepare for my arrival!

Chara Dreemurr: What?

The Programmer: You heard me! Kill the wannabe mercenaries if you can, but detain and hold that Vlado until I get there!

Chara Dreemurr: I’ll do what I can.

The Programmer: You better! I won’t be long. Just give me time!

=====//Document over//=======================================

(Author’s note): I do not own the attributes to any film, or video game industries, or any form of internet media that will be introduced, mentioned, or referenced throughout The Unity. Any material that didn’t originate from any electronic or written media, whether it’d be from film, internet, or otherwise was thought up by me, thus is owned by me.
Yes! Another chapter for another month! Now there's more familiar faces. Some you may be familiar with to. Let me now what you think I should do for the future of this story. I always appreciate feedback. Whether it'd be positive or negative! Tune in for more!
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August 26, 2016